What are the inbound marketing strategies?


Attract is attracting strangers to get to know your business or turn them into visitors. (Visitors) It doesn’t mean anyone, but it has to be an audience that you’ve already defined.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): It is the most effective channel because, as we have mentioned below, consumer behavior today. If they’re curious or want to know anything, They’ll use search engines like Google to find out, which may have a chance to find out what your content publishes on the site, so if you want to do Inbound Marketing, start focusing on SEO and creating content in article form.

Social Media : Nowadays, most people choose to use social media  such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even new social media like TikTok to receive messages, so this channel is a prime location to use  Inbound Marketing to attract audiences.


Convert is a transformation from visitors to leads, that is, after you have attracted an audience to become a visitor. You need to start doing something for them to become that of a customer or a group of people who are ready to become your customers.

Creating value for content: You need to make sure that when customers come enough to meet your content, they’ll be added to your content. They must get value or whatever they want back. It requires providing quality information (or insights) that are really beneficial to the goal, and as soon as the goal meets the needs. They’ll start to feel interested in or like your brand, so they have a chance to become the customer.

Keep a list of customers: Because sometimes you don’t know when they read your content. Will they be as interested in your business as you hoped? It requires collecting leads such as CTA (Call To Action), Landing Pages Forms, to provide customers who are really interested. Click here for details and sign your interests, which will be very useful for selling products in the next step.


Close is a way for customers to become real customers of the business. By using various marketing techniques and creating good interactions with customers, they feel like or close to your business.

This procedure officially calls lead nurturing, or the transition from lead to quality leads, which is considered to be the most effective group of customers who have the opportunity to transition into real customers.

Email Marketing:      This is the most popular technique at this stage. Give promotional privileges to your audience’s email address to show your audience that you see them as important.

Marketing Automation and Workflows: It’s like a different kind of work aid to impress customers with their   brand. Because maybe if you have   hundreds of leads, you’ll have to do it yourself. It can be untenable to send emails to anyone, so it takes tools and installation of flows to help, such as using email tools to automatically send promotional emails to your target audience, installing   Chat Bot in a text box to facilitate them, and the audience is impressed and willing to eventually become a customer of your business.


Delight is the final step in inbound marketing to make customers willing to share your products/services with others, because after you can turn leads into customers, you can’t stop there, because if you stop there, you’ll have to create content, store leads, or do the same thing again, but is it better to do the same thing? If you use those old customers, the program uses the to help you find new customers, you can use the

By making the customers you’ve taken from the previous stages, becoming presenters to tell others about our products or services, and creating more value for the business, they will return to our business in the future (Retention).

Survey: This will help you to get more aware of problems, customer satisfaction, or simply listen to feedback from the customer’s corner to improve your business in the future. This way, customers can see the sincerity of your business and get them ready to become your customers again in the future.

Social Media Monitoring: If in your opinion Surveys can      be difficult, costly, and customers may be less cooperative. This method doesn’t waste money and may hear more from customers, such as creating posts for customers to comment on us, reading customer comments from different reviews.

Using Influencer Marketing: You can use Influencer Marketing as an aid to identify your products/services. In case most of your customers haven’t had an idea to tell, you’ll need to look at it. Simply put, using a promotional influencer to give customers the courage to tell your products/services. You may also get new customers from Influencer.

Personalized Marketing: Because of the courage of customers to tell They need to be more special than regular customers, so simply sending them birthday emails or giving them special privileges is another technique that will give them the courage to tell and be a loyal customer to the brand in the future (Customer Loyalty).

What is the core of Inbound Marketing?  

For those who want to do Inbound Marketing but don’t know what steps to focus on first or what is the core of Inbound Marketing.

If you’re talking about reality, the most important part of inbound marketing is the phase of Attract or attract from strangers to interested parties because at this stage it is the beginning of the making.  Inbound Marketing, if you design well in the next step, will be easier and make it easier for you to get quality customers to your business.

On the other side, if you don’t do well enough or make mistakes, it will be difficult to succeed in the next step or you may be lucky enough to get a customer, but the customer you have acquired will be a customer who is not of quality. It can’t be used in the future.

Therefore, at the heart of   Inbound Marketing, you should start looking for the most effective channel where you can attract users, which I recommend to SEO the site at the top of google search pages. It’s easier to find our content when they search for information on Search Engine.

But at least if you can attract more customers to the site (through content articles), you still have information or lists to use in marketing with other strategies like Retargeting in the future.

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